Harrah's Casino

Airport(s): Kansas City International

Campaign Launch: October 31, 2008

Ad Configuration: Full Carousel Wrap / Multiple 35' Ad Displays


Overview:  North Kansas City was part of our initial launch of Baggage Carousel Advertising in the Kansas City Market.  Their creative played on a gaming theme, while branding the fun and variety of events available at their property.  Taking advantage of the dwell time of travelers waiting for luggage to arrive from the plane, the casino created a very captivating display that made a lasting impact.

Story:  The first morning following an all-night installation project, Zack and Mike from DoubleTake Marketing were waiting for the first flight to come in, and to see the reaction of the initial travelers.  As the group gathered around the new roulette wheel carousel several were commenting and pointing, as the first bags started to drop onto the roulette wheel, a passenger could be heard saying to the person next to him "I bet you $50 my bag lands on Black 22".    Instantly we knew these ads were very effective.