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The addition of Baggage Carousel Advertising to your airport advertising concession creates the opportunity for additional operating income with no capital investment, and no alteration of the existing baggage carousel equipment.  Take a depreciating capital asset, and turn it into a cash-generating advertising location.


DoubleTake Marketing's Patented Baggage Carousel Advertising system applies over the top of existing baggage carousel equipment.  Our technicians install carousel ads during  off hours, when carousels are not being used to deliver luggage.  Tools used are similar to those used in any graphic installation.  No parts are removed, unscrewed or changed on the carousels.  At the conclusion of a campaign ads are removed, leaving the carousel cleaner and in the same physical condition as before the installation.


The patented AdSpressiveTM graphics are designed to withstand the wear and tear of carousel operation.  Our local service representative will be onsite a minimum of every-other-day to inspect and clean graphics to ensure even during the busiest of winter months, when wet bags are sliding on the carousel that your airport remains clean and presentable.


Baggage Carousel Ads can come in a variety of shapes and sizes - customized to fit the needs and aesthetics of each airport.  Graphics can be applied to Sloped metal or plastic carousels, rubber flat "Snake" carousels or circle carousels.

Standard sizes and configurations currently being sold in other airports are: